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Hi it's Vanessa here from Vanessa Clark photography, I set up my  wedding photography business in 2007.  live for love and laughter! I'm a big soppy heart felt romantic and am so fortunate to photograph the love stories of so many unique, fab, funky couples. I love to take wedding photos abroad at chic happy weddings in venues in Rome, Barcelona, Florence, London, Berlin. My love of vintage clothing and dressing up means that I adore themed weddings, like Alice in Wonderland weddings or 1950's weddings. My style is non-traditional, non cheesy wedding photos with a fresh approach. Photos of real moments, genuine smiles, laughter, love infused with lashings of happiness. I'm fun to be around, you'll guests will quickly relax and forget there is a 'official' photographer there! It's often been commented that I'm like a freind who is a proffesional photographer. I have also been called a 'invisible good fairy' (by the gorgeous Marco and Nick one of my couples) I do the spontaneous fun shots of you, your freinds and family in glorious technicolour! Im there capturing all the happy moments that you may miss, including Uncle Bob 'dad' dancing, your mum and dad looking amazing with mum in the beautiful vintage outfit you chose. Relaxed 'moments in time' of you as a couple and the special people in your life. Photos of the personal touches that you have hand picked to make your day unique. Not only am I a whizz with the camera, I have ideas for colour schemes and details, experience of timings and I have a network of fab, freindly wedding people who I can recommend as I have know them over the years and they are the best! Im not saying Im a wedding planner, but if you like I can chat to you about planning for your wedding, I have excellent project management skills! So for a happy photographer and your pictures infused with love, dont be a stranger..click here to contact me now! /web/vanessaclark/lets_natter.html

My passion for photography started at an early age whilst taking wedding photographs at family and friends weddings, when they loved the photos more than the professional photographer they had booked I started to pursue a new career! At that point in my life I was touring as an actress in the theatre, wind in the willows, shakespeare and sometimes even dressing up and getting paid to dance as a dinosaur! I believe the skills that I learnt as an actress enable me to see and capture emotion with my camera. I see the world with a creative eye and use my imagination as a tool to create stunning images. When I returned from touring I did a cool course in Photographic technique at Brighton University. I also assisted a wedding photographer who realised my talent for creating photographs filled with love, fun, humour and beauty. It was with her guidance that I started my own business.

Things I love...Personality and spirit, themed weddings, weddings abroad, travel funky things, vintage clothes and shops, dressing up including of course fancy dress, painting abstract art, tea from a tea pot and scrummy cakes, couples that make their own vows, theatre and comedy, bands including the killers, keane and old skool house tunes, buddhism and self-development, glorious sunrise and sunsets, chocolate, walking, martial arts films, fred and ginger, musicals, the duke of yorks brighton for a fab cinema experience, hotels and travel, luxury spa treatments, the sea, gorgeous aromatic candles, cosy open fires and hot cocoa, glitter, colour and vibrancy, yoga, dancing, sunshine and smiles, small intimate weddings, Bollywood, fav colours are purple and red, interior design, singing, flamingos (the're sooo pink!) and of course puss cats who sit on dryed washing.. before you have a chance to put it away!

So what are your favourite things?!

Things I dont love... Bridezillas, stuffy weddings, people that dont understand the need for or want to invest in photography, photos with badly shot backgrounds of red brick walls or random people




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